The Pay 100

The Pay 100 is a worker-led UK architecture organisation supporting and inspiring open wage cooperation, established in 2022. 

Comparative to other UK professions, salaries in architecture have stagnated in recent years. This has partially been enabled by annual publication of pay-scale bands listing role-specific averages across the profession for the previous year. In turn, a number of practices have referred to, and match said levels based on statistics of the past, therefore inhibiting growth. 

Another key wage growth inhibitor is fee-undercutting. By incentivising higher wages using pay transparency, we can help reduce fee-undercutting between practices and benefit the profession as a collective. This is a systemic issue in which no one practice is solely responsible.

If we begin to celebrate named practices individually for their wage averages via a competitive leader boards published by the Pay 100: prospective employees will be able to refer to this for job application guidance and expectation management, therefore encouraging future wage cooperation between practices listed on the Pay 100.      

“The Pay 100 reveals “clear increase” in architecture salaries along with “systemic unpaid overtime”” – 2023

“Who pays the most? Pay 100 publishes latest salary survey” – 2023

Who are we?

The Pay 100 is a worker-led UK architecture organisation supporting and inspiring wage cooperation, established in 2022.

What’s so good about our survey?

We publish average salaries alongside named practices, providing a useful resource and industry-wide transparency.

Why is the Pay 100 important?

We aim to incentivise higher pay whilst reducing fee-undercutting across the profession.

How does your survey work?

  1. You anonymously submit your salary into our survey.
  2. We calculate the mean average reported salary for your practice, and publish it alongside the top 100 paying practices for each role.

Salary Survey

We are currently focusing on x3 core industry roles.

We aim to broaden the scope of our survey in future, dependent on the success/ growth of our initial results, and the support of our cause.

What do we need from you?

This is collective change, reliant on each and every submission. Please enter our survey, and spread the word.