Press Statement: 2022

1st November 2022


As of 1st November 2022, we, the Pay 100: UK Architecture Salary Advocate release named salary results for the following 3 roles: 


  • Part I Architectural Assistant with less than 3 years of experience, 
  • Part II Architectural Assistant with less than 3 years of experience,
  • Architect/ Architectural Designer with less than 5 years of experience.


We see this as a pivotal moment, marking an active move towards financial improvement across the profession. We truly hope that the Pay 100 results incentivise and inspire healthy competition for employers and employees alike.



After receiving a significant number of entries, from Part I Architectural Assistant to Director level, we are thankful for all those who have taken part in this progressive act of change.

As expected, our first snapshot illuminates that there is indeed salary disparity between practices. We see this as a positive opportunity for those appearing further down in the Pay 100 rankings, to actively appeal to potential employees whilst working towards becoming an Accredited Pay 100 Employer, and enjoying the long-term benefits of cultivating truly valued employees. 



The Pay 100 aspire to revolutionise the UK architectural industry in a number of ways, inclusive of the following:


  1. Encouraging – financial improvement across the entire profession.
  2. Incentivising – practices to compete financially to attract the best talent.
  3. Reducing – potential fee-undercutting between practices, so as those who truly value their employees are more likely to win work, and in turn become more profitable.
  4. Encouraging – wages to begin to keep up with inflation.
  5. Combatting – pay inequality.
  6. Providing – a tool for recruitment professionals that actually appeals to potential employees, therefore allowing said potential employees to specifically target applications towards the most financially desirable prospective employers.
  7. Encouraging – healthy role promotion within practices, so as those who have invested significant time in their role are compared less against others under the same title.
  8. Helping – employers improve the success of their business via more satisfied employees and increased staff retention.


Going forward, we welcome applications from further sponsors who believe in our cause. We also welcome support from professional bodies such as the ARB and RIBA, as we are happy to collaborate with all those that desire to work towards a positive common goal. 

With further support, our team may be able to take further steps towards financially uplifting the profession, using the power of data to set active targets and engage with all those involved via healthy discourse. 


View our latest survey results here


The Pay 100 Employer Accreditation