Employer Accreditation

The Top 10 / The Top 25


Want to become an accredited Pay 100 employer, and show prospective employees that you are serious about salaries?


Employers featured in the top 10 or top 25 of any of the published Pay 100 leaderboards, are able apply for Top 10 Pay 100 Employer and Top 25 Pay 100 Employer accreditation for the year in question.

Once accredited, the Pay 100 will permit website or job advertisement publication with use of an accredited* title and accompanying accredited* Pay 100 logo for the respective status.


The following fees apply for Pay 100 practice accreditation:

  • Top 10 Pay 100 Employer: Nov 2023 – Oct 2024 (£1,500)
  • Top 25 Pay 100 Employer: Nov 2023 – Oct 2024 (£1,000)

Accredited Pay 100 Employer Application Form


*The Pay 100 do not give permission for any architectural practice to use the Pay 100 accredited logo or reference the Pay 100 for advertising purposes without official Pay 100 approval and certification. 

**Accreditation can only be granted for qualifying practices who appear in a Top 10 Pay 100 or Top 25 Pay 100 ranking in any published Pay 100 leaderboard. If a practice has requested accreditation and does not appear in the respective Pay 100 published leaderboard, an accreditation fee refund will be available.